“Monster Poker”


So you like Texas Hold’em? Get ready for Monster Poker… Faster, more social, skillful, hilarious, and accessible to everyone!


The rules of the game are exactly the same as Texas Hold’em, except:

  1. Setup: Players start with a fixed $100 and 1 random curse card
  2. Win: First player to gain $100 times the number of players wins immediately
  3. Lose: Losers have to perform their curses, however many they acquire
  4. Betting: fixed $10 ante, no blinds. $10 minimum raise.
  5. Buy-Back: Player who lose all their money can grab a curse and restart with $100
  6. Dealing: Each players is dealt 3 cards instead of 2
  7. Abilities: Each card has a different ability which can be activated by discarding it at anytime. You may use up to 1 ability per hand.


Each card – from 2 through Ace – wields a unique ability which can easily turn the tide of the game.

  • When: Players can use their abilities at anytime, even if it is not their turn
  • How: To use use a Monster Ability, simply reveal and discard it
  • Limit: Players are limited to using one ability per hand
  • NOTE: If you do not use any abilities, all 3 cards can be utilized in your final hand




Each player begins the game with 1 curse card. Every time a player goes broke they have to draw one more additional curse card. Unless they win they must act out all of their curses at the end of the game.

All curses are harmless and designed to be HILARIOUS! There are 6 main curse types:

  • Awkward = funny curses (e.g. moo like a cow)
  • Yummy = curses which involve food/drink/smelling stinky things…
  • Spotlight = curses which require a performance
  • Grown-Up = simply truth-or-dare curses
  • Do-U-Good = curses which involve exercise
  • Not-Cool = curses which will embarrass the heck out of you

Here are just a few examples:





  • When can I use abilities? Pretty much at anytime, even if it is not your turn.
  • Do I have to buy-back? Yes, if you go broke you must grab 1 additional curse card, $100, and keep playing!
  • Can I trade curse cards? Yes, but only with other curse cards.
  • How does the $10 Ante work? Every player must put in $10 at the beginning of each deal.
  • If I don’t use any abilities, can I use all 3 cards in my hand? Yes! All three cards can be used to make up your final combination.
  • Can I play with 2 players? No, the game requires 3 players minimum!


  • 3- Gremlin:
    • What happens if someone else plays a Gremlin at the same time? The player sitting closer (turn-wise) gets first priority.
  •  4-Zombie:
    • Do I still get a chance to go all in if every other player folds? Yes, as long as you jump in right away.
  • 5-Ghost:
    • What is the purpose of folding then looking at someone’s cards? You can auction off the information for $. E.g. give me a quarter of the pot if I tell you what player X has.
  • 6-Gargoyle:
    • Can I protect myself? Yes.
    • Can I protect someone after-the-fact? No, you must place the protection beforehand.
  • 7-Dr.Death:
    • Can I kill an Ace? Nope. You can’t kill demon.
  • 8-Tax-Collector:
    • What if I only have $10 available? Then you cannot raise.
  • 9-Banshee:
    • Can I negate ANY ability? Yes, you can even negate another Banshee.
  • 10-Archmage:
    • What does “this round” mean? It refers to the current betting round. A new round begins whenever new cards are revealed on the table.
  • J-Scarecrow: (no questions yet)
  • Q-Succubus:
    • If I am forced to fold or go ALL-IN after a raise, can I take my raise back if I fold? No, players are not allowed to take back anything they add to the pot.
    • Seduce: If someone raises and then folds, do the remaining players have to call to remain in the game?
      No, the pot is increased for free in this case.
  • K-Vampyre-King
    • What’s the point of helping someone else draw cards? You can negotiate for a cut of the profit, of course.
    • Can players trade cards? No, only treasure cards.
  • A-Chaos-Demon: (no questions yet)

Treasure Cards:

(optional) You can get Monster Poker game with a companion set of Monster Treasure cards.

  • 60 Copper Plate Cards = $600 (fake value)
  • 36 Silver Plate Cards = $960 (fake value)
  • 24 Gold Plate Cards = $2400 (fake value)