Our Mission:

Chancegamer LLC. is a mission-driven game company. Our mission is to build relationships and form communities, and we believe that games are the perfect vehicle!

Our line of products includes digital games, physical games, and a brand new gym in downtown San Francisco.

  • Secretdumpster: a digital web app which allows anyone to share secrets with people around the world anonymously.
  • Monster Mansion:  a physical board game where players must work together to escape from the Monster Mansion.
  • Iconwar: a physical card game where player can take on the roles of “creator”, “destroyer”, “helper”, and “saboteur”, and politic against one another in order to win
  • Monster Poker: a physical card game that brings Texas Hold’em to the family table, making it more social, unpredictable, casual, and fun.
  • Nature Gym: a physical space located in downtown SF, dedicated towards holistic workout, including the “body”, “mind”, and “soul”.

Whether it be team building at the office, game night with the family, or a party with your friends, we offer a unique social experience for all situations.