“Iconwar” is a card game originally designed as a team-building exercise for tech companies in Silicon Valley. When the game begins, each player is trying to win on their own. However, you will soon discover ingenious ways to trade, negotiate, and win as a team. Question: will your group learn how to cooperate, or descend into chaos?

Each icon holds an essential power of life…

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  • Square holds the power to “CREATE”.
  • Triangle holds the power to “DESTROY”.
  • Circle holds the power to “PROTECT”.
  • Crescent holds the power to “STEAL”.

The above powers can help you get ahead, but only the Dragon  holds the power to “Transcend”, allowing you to gain Karma in order to win the game.

At the heart of the game is your ability to “Invoke” your cards to unleash their power. To find out more, checkout our sexy preview video: