Introducing: Power-cards



The Square has the power of Creation. He is the builder, the innovator, the entrepreneur. His soul is in birthing order from chaos, building something from nothing. The Square is positive and self-improving, and is capable of acting independently.

While the Square has the power of self-improvement, he is unable to effectively help others — nor is he capable of defending against the Power of Destruction, or avoiding the nastiness of the Saboteur.

If you want to win, find supporters who value your creative Power.


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Power to Create: test to draw 2 cards instead of 1.




Triangle is the Destroyer.

Triangle wears black for negative, negative on you.

Triangle is solid Yang. Triangle acts first,

to keep You in “Your-Place”.


Triangle Destroy.

Triangle win? Triangle must make friends.

Be Triangle’s friend, or be destroyed!


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Powers to Destroy: test to destroy 2 cards from targets hand. You may sacrifice your own cards to gain rights on what cards are destroyed from the target’s hand (1 for 1). Otherwise the target chooses what to lose (discarded into the Discard-pile)




No matter who you are, Square, Triangle, Crescent, Circle can help. Circle is your friend, and also a leader among men. For he who who is the benefactor, is also the master, may also be king.

In life, Circles are masters, leaders (especially of the spiritual kind), and incredible soul mates!




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Power to Help:

Target must be *neighbor. Before target ends turn, you may test to give them one extra card draw. Failure costs you 1 card.

Power to Protect

Target must be *neighbor. When a target is becomes a subject of Destruction, you may test to  to protect 2 cards from harm. Test failure costs you 1 card.

*neighbor: players sitting directly to your left or right. With permission of neighbors, those further away as well




The Crescent does not create, nor does it destroy. The Crescent profits… whether it is from the failures of others, or wars fought between rivals, the crescent always profits.

In life, Crescents gain by Sabotage. They are planners, profiteers, and masterminds. The act of arms-dealing — the act of profiting from war — is characteristically Crescent. While the Crescent is negative and reactive, she happens to also have the power to conserve. Without the power of the Crescent many great things would have been long lost.



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Power to Sabotage:

Allows you to boost the power of Destruction, while acquiring cards in the process. If a Destroyer needs your help, he/she may permit you to test to Sabotage 2 cards, which whill transfer from the targets hand directly into yours. Target chooses which cards they will lose. A failed test costs 1 card.

Power to Conserve:

You may test to  profit from the loss of a neighbor. When a neighbor loses cards, not from Destruction, but from a failed test, you may test to gain possession over up to 2 of them. A failed test costs 1 card.

*neighbor: players sitting directly to your left or right. With permission of neighbors, those further away as well