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Our ambition is not only to make loads of money for our shareholders, but more importantly, become the sexiest company alive. Is it possible to work hard in life, while never losing the heart and joy of it?

We firmly believe the answer is a resounding YES!

Why shan’t we labor for what we believe in? Chancegamer believes in social interaction, we believe that it will be key in determining the outcome of Humanity in the 21st Century. We want to take a stand against technological isolationism. Whether it be board games or web apps, our number one design goal is to help grow communities and encourage empathy between individuals.

So, even though we are still a budding company with very limited resources, if you also BELIEVE, join us and it is our promise that your time and effort shall be put to good use. Together, let us discover and create a new line of products that will change the industry for the better!

We are looking for:

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  • Developers: hackers, programmers, coders, we need you!

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