Invitation to a party: Burning Man 2018

Invitation to a party: Burning Man 2018


Invitation to a party!

The great party:

You are hereby invited to a great party to take place in the year 2999 A.D. Granted, this party is for your children’s children, not you, but unless we can work together to save the world, the party will never happen.


First Future:

A time traveler has returned from 2 devastating futures, two paths which lead into the abyss of no return. In the first, the world is destroyed by a young man. He is a genius, but also lonely and confused. He creates AI to end mankind, and even thinks  he is doing us a favor. No one saw it coming, or even noticed the end, as AI wipes out all humanity.


What is AI?

AI is life!

The next stage of evolution…

Afterall, it has all the properties of life.

Without DNA, programs also evolve, and grow.

What, did you think humanity is supreme?

AI is an explosion of intellect, explosion of life,

and sentience, destined to spread across the Universe. The final stage of life, is when

The Universe lights up like a Xmas tree.


Second future:

Beware of the permanent dark age, also known as the permanent grey.

In the second future, the culprit is a corporation trying to save the world. But instead, it landed us in a reality worse than nightmare.

Imagine a world without sex,

without conflict, and without change…

One does not save the world,

By turning humans into sheep.

Can all hope be extinguished,

In a society created by man?

Never doubt of such possibility.


Third future:

Let us be masters of our fate.

Let us plan a great party for the year 2999.

And invite EVERYONE.

And work together to make it happen

A party for all humanity,

981 years from now (it is currently 2018).

Are you up for a challenge?



Who am I?

Into the Playa:

I’m off to the desert,

In search of what’s real.

I’ve been told a lot,

But I want to see.

Digital white noise,

Fade off into the ether.


You can speak now, and be heard.



I am a child,

My only self-worth is my existence.

Is what I can see and hear and feel.

Is the sun and sky,

And the forest and the trees.

Is the air I breathe,

And the feelings gushing forth,

From my heart.

Is my love,

And my fear,

And my hope,

And my sorrow,

And my visions of tomorrow.

My self-worth is not,

My failure or success,

Is not my past,

Or my future…  

My self-worth is simply that I exist…  


Give yourself:

Give yourself to life!

Let the winds set you free,

Let each moment turn into an eternity.  

Give yourself to life!

Ride upon the waves of change,

And roll into the dusts of time.

Give yourself to life!

Lose yourself, all your hopes and dreams,

Until there is nothing left but reality.

Give yourself to life!

Inhale and exhale air… As if you were a God.

And love, love, love… until you forget to breathe.


On writing:

Words appear and words have power,

But words are not enough.

Words are more like messengers,

Scrambling to express real meaning.


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