Kickstarter Feels Like “Falling In Love”

Kickstarter Feels Like “Falling In Love”

Almost everyone has heard of Kickstarter by now, the crowdfunding platform that can help turn your dream into a reality. Instead of telling you how to run a Kickstarter campaign, let me tell you how it feels. You will never guess, but running a Kickstarter feels a LOT like falling in love. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense because both have the potential of either making all your dreams come true, or throwing you mercilessly into the pits of despair when you fail! Personally, I experience falling in love in three stages. First I become a “Dreamer”, then I become a “Doubter”, and finally I become a “Doer”.

The first signs of connection turn me into a hopeless “Dreamer”! I literally feel like floating or flying, like I could jump up and touch the sky. Anything is possible, and all my fantasies feel like they are destined to come true! As long as I remain in this dream land, the smallest signs of success send me into a reverie, and daydreaming all day becomes my ONLY preoccupation.

Reality has a way of complicating things, and at which point I become a “Doubter”. Suddenly, my fantasies are replaced by a thousand worries. The smallest reprieves sound like insults, and the smallest dismissals sound like rejections. Anyone who has fallen in love before can attest to how stressful it can be…

If my love is true, however, I always know that I can stop moping around and become a “Doer”. Sometimes you just have to show up at her house (with a guitar!), or offer a sincere apology, or prove yourself in some concrete way. The important thing is keeping a positive attitude.

And you know what? Running a Kickstarter is exactly the same… When I first became a project creator, and got my first “New Backer!” email, I literally jumped up with joy. I instantly became a “Dreamer”. Each new backer gave me physical joy, because it was proof that people believed in what I believed. It was like falling in love, not with a single person, but with an entire community of people who ‘understand’. You see massively successful projects on Kickstarter all the time. You start to think to yourself, what is there to stop me from becoming the next big hit?

Just like the lover’s doubt, however, every project suffers from dips and valleys, and you will soon learn to question everything you believed. While in the beginning I was getting new backers every few minutes, soon I found myself waiting hours to get a single backer. Waiting around for “new backer” emails did nothing but compound my anxiety, but the WORST feeling of all was when backers cancelled and left. Even a single backer cancelling their pledge can be cause for panic… It feels like a lover’s rejection, like sunshine turning into snow…

In the end, the only thing I could do was pour cold water over my face and get back to work. Just like falling in love, every project creator must find the strength to become a “Doer”. Sitting around and waiting for backers to come is like sitting around waiting for her to call you! It’s not productive. As a project creator, you need to go out there and promote your dream with all the passion and love which is in your heart. More importantly, just like any relationship, communication is the key. When anyone puts money behind your project, you become just as responsible for their interests as your own. Just like when a women falls in love with you, you also become responsible for her feelings…

Both in success and in failure, running a Kickstarter and falling in love have taught me great lessons on life. They have taught me the importance of balancing dreams with reality, and overcoming fears with action. That is why, to me, running a Kickstarter is a LOT like falling in love, and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience!