What happened afterwards…

What happened afterwards…

Mr Fraun (new)amanda tomboyAt the end of the the Monster Mansion tutorial video I promised that I would let you know what happens to Shanika and Mr. Fraun in the end… Were they able to stick together and escape from the Monster Mansion, or did they become trapped for all eternity!?

Well, unfortunately, while Shanika was able to make it out in time, Mr. Fraun is still in the Monster Mansion as we speak! What allowed Shanika to escape unscathed was the fact that she had 3 ‘hand’ attribute, which gave her a +3 to all her dice rolls. Both characters were able to make it to the exit room on time, however, while shanika rolled a 3 and made it out, Mr. Fraun tried twice and failed twice before being overwhelmed by monsters, which included a “Wicked Witch”, a “Vampyre”, and to top it all off, a rogue “Zombie”! The Vampyre was able to regenerate so Mr. Fraun at trouble finishing him off, and the witch just came and disabled Mr.Fraun from further attacks, while the zombie crawled up and dealt the killing blow…  It wasn’t pretty. Oh well, better luck next time!