The Mini-Mansion (Print-n-Play)

The Mini-Mansion (Print-n-Play)

We are sooo excited to announce the release of the “Mini-Mansion” print-n-play version of our upcoming game “Monster Mansion”.

(Monster Mansion is a realtime survival game with hidden roles and deduction!)

Download the files and take it to the nearest print shop, and you can create the manual, the cards, avatars, and everything else you need for the game. Then, stop by the general store to pick up a 99¢ timer to complete the game. We’ll even show you how you can create your own “gold coins” and “Mini-Mansion” game box, which is just freaggin cool if you ask me. The whole DYI project should take no more than 3 hours for a crafty person such as yourself, and the end result is that you and your friends can try out the “Monster Mansion” ASAP

  1. Print the Manual
  2. Print the Cards: Do double-sided printing on thick 80 lb glossy paper for best results, and Officemax, Office Depot, or Staples will do it for you. Then cut out the cards with a chopper
  3. Make your own gold coins: Buy poker chips to use as gold coins. You can make them look realistic by spraying them with gold colored spray-paint which can be bought from any hobby store
  4. Cut and mount the avatars: Use mini clippers as the stand by clipping on a character, then removing the handles.
  5. Buy a small box (you can even print your very own monster mansion Box-cover)
  6. Buy a 99¢ dollar timer: Dollar General ones are the best (Just ask for a kitchen timer)
  7. Buy a 25¢ 6-sided dice from the local game store
  8. You’ve got a complete game!

We are releasing the Print-n-Play because we are confident that once you have tried our product, you will become a fan of the “Monster Mansion” immediately: The retail game will offer components of the highest quality, including linen finished cards, thick robust room tiles, lustrous gold coins, not to mention a host of extra monsters and rooms for you and your friends to experience!

With that being said, the “mini-mansion” is just damn cool, because everything will be made in miniature! For example, the standard sized cards are shrunk down to about 65% of their original size. The text can still be read with ease, but everything will look just a little bit cute. Also, since the whole game is shrunk down to minimal size, the entire game with all its components can be fitted into a tiny little box (3-1/2” cubed)! How cool is that!

Without further ado, go and get your hands dirty. The “mini-mansion” awaits!