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Our Mission:

Monster Mansion went LIVE on Kickstarter 10-2-1014!

ChanceGamer offers unique mechanics to bring sociability, cooperation, and lively interactions to games. Whether it be team building at the office, game night with the family, or a party with your friends, we offer a uniquely social experience for all situations. Some people are born strategists, others like role-playing, and some would like nothing better than to laugh with friends. ChanceGamer offers fun interactive gaming for everyone. “Chance Games are the most fun you can have with people of all ages and backgrounds.” Chance Games offers 4 distinct win strategies: Creation, Destruction, Helping, and Sabotaging (and any combination thereof). It is a true game of strategy, teamwork, and endless laughter.

  • The core rules are simple, so that anyone can learn it: there are no age or language barriers.
  • The art is minimal, so that room is left for your wide imagination: your mind is the creator.
  • The mechanics are social, so that the true pleasure of games can shine through: Chance is a game between People.

“Whether it’s team building at the office, weekends with the family, or a party with your pals, Chance games offers profound enjoyment for all parties involved.” The winning combination for Chance games are strategy, communication, and a good dose of good’ol lady-luck. Be careful, for the so called  ‘communication’ may easily turn into heated arguments! The unexpected chance victories (or disasters!) will leave everyone gasping for breath(and more). “For more information, learn how to play.”


“Monster Mansion”

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We were successfully funded on Kickstarter with ~$63,000 in funding!

Get ready for a real-time survival game with hidden roles and deduction.

  • Survival: Players must work as a team to face the ultimate monster line-up
  • Real-Time: Each game is timed so players must act fast or be trapped forever
  • Co-op: Players must escape together to win as a team
  • Bluffing: If the “VIP” dies then everyone loses and the secret “Assassin(s)” will win the game!

Whether your playing with the family or your awesome geeky pals, “Monster Mansion” is a whole lot of adventure packed into one box. Get your very own on Kickstarter due to launch October 1st 2014






“Iconwar” is a card game originally designed as a team-building exercise for tech companies in Silicon Valley. When the game begins, each player is trying to win on their own. However, you will soon discover ingenious ways to trade, negotiate, and win as a team. Question: will your group learn how to cooperate, or descend into chaos?

Each icon holds an essential power of life…

logo 1.0_artCardsFlat - Copy

  • Square holds the power to “CREATE”.
  • Triangle holds the power to “DESTROY”.
  • Circle holds the power to “PROTECT”.
  • Crescent holds the power to “STEAL”.

The above powers can help you get ahead, but only the Dragon  holds the power to “Transcend”, allowing you to gain Karma in order to win the game.

At the heart of the game is your ability to “Invoke” your cards to unleash their power. To find out more, checkout our sexy preview video:




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Would you like to work for us?

Our ambition is not only to make loads of money for our shareholders, but more importantly, become the sexiest company alive. Is it possible to work hard in life, while never losing the heart and joy of it?

We firmly believe the answer is a resounding YES!

Why shan’t we labor for what we believe in? Chancegamer believes in social interaction, we believe that it will be key in determining the outcome of Humanity in the 21st Century. We want to take a stand against technological isolationism. Whether it be board games or web apps, our number one design goal is to help grow communities and encourage empathy between individuals.

So, even though we are still a budding company with very limited resources, if you also BELIEVE, join us and it is our promise that your time and effort shall be put to good use. Together, let us discover and create a new line of products that will change the industry for the better!

We are looking for:

  • Artists: send us your portfolio
  • Designers: send us your portfolio!
  • Developers: hackers, programmers, coders, we need you!

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